Monday, October 18, 2010

Weight Loss - 5 More Super Simple Steps To Change Your Diet And Finally Get The Body You Desire

Do you find it hard to keep mental diet demons at bay?

Stay on track and achieve your weight loss goals with these easy everyday tips.

Buy a Cookbook.

Your new healthy nutrition plan will ask you to re-evaluate your diet, which will likely require you to change the way you cook. See this as an opportunity to expand your palette, and invest in a couple of new cookbooks to spark your interest. There are great options out there: low fat, low carbohydrate, only 4 ingredients needed, exotic, you name it, but be smart about your choices. Get some help from a professional if you can.?

Know Your Fats.

Most of us know how bad trans fat is, it hardens the arteries, increase bad cholesterol, lowers good cholesterol. Other fats are better for us and should be included in your nutrition plan, but should be consumed in moderation. These are nuts, oily fish, coconut oil and olive oil which are all packed with good fats. Don't be afraid to learn something new. You may be surprised that what we are told is not necessarily accurate. The internet has a phenomenal amount of information (just consider who is giving you the info, do they have a hidden agenda-something to consider). Be wise.?

Shop Smart, Eat Well.

Keeping your cupboard full of healthy snacks and meal ingredients will avoid a last-minute dash to the grocery store that will most likely end in a sugar-fest. Stick to the outer aisles as they usually contain natural foods. Avoid the inner aisles, where you normally find all the process junk that got you to where you are today. Plan a weekly dinner menu and stick to the list of ingredients.

Plan and Be Organised.

Fitting exercise into an already hectic schedule is certainly no easy mission. But by managing your time, instead of overcrowding your diary, it's absolutely possible. Heading to the gym straight after work and avoid the traffic, choose a sport/activity close to home to save on driving time or set aside some time to exercise at home.?

Monitor Portion Size.

Have you ever cooked a meal for four people, only to polish it off with your significant other? Follow the serving sizes in your cookbook and you'll be much less likely to overindulge. If the recipe serves four, divide the meals accordingly, and put the rest in the fridge straight away. It will deter the temptation for seconds and you'll already have a meal ready for tomorrow. Also, you could try using a smaller plate. If it's not in front of you, there is less chance that will over consume.

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