Monday, October 18, 2010

Activate Your Natural Fat Burning Furnace - All The Power To Lose Weight You Already Have

Everyone has a natural fat burning furnace within themselves. Of course with all the all the weight loss pills and drinks you may not know it by now. Your body is designed to heal itself, repair itself, warm itself, cool it self down and shape itself up(with a little help from you of course). To shape itself up, "you" must be involved in this system. You are the single factor that will make or break the system.

Your natural fat burning furnace is your metabolism. This system is made up of many organs and many systems within your body to burn calories. This network of organs and systems within your body work to break down nutrients so that you your body can function. During this process your metabolism, working at the rate most beneficial to losing weight naturally, takes calories from within your body as well as what is eaten and burns them. This process takes body fat or "energy" from all over the body and throws it into the furnace so to speak.

This is a very natural process. This process of churning your metabolism can take place all day. Activating this process will require you to fuel this system all day to allow it to work on it own continuously. What kind of fuel does it need? The kind that will not put too much more fat into your system, and at the same time give your body enough energy to make it to the next meal. Remember we are trying to burn off as much as possible, so putting in excess fat would obviously be counter-productive. Salt as well plays a big part in keeping you fat because it retains water, holding it on your body, but more on that a little later.

Water is very important to perpetuate this process all day. When you urinate various materials are being driven out of your body. When your natural fat burning furnace is working as it should and you are drinking the right amount of water you will find your self "peeing" pretty often. Passing clear urine is also a good indicator that you are getting the amount of water that this process needs to function at an optimal level. When you consume excess salt this water is retained. To work around this problem you will have to do one of two things.

1) Eat less or next to no salt.

2) Drink a even greater amount of water to over flow your water retention.

Drinking even more water ensures that you will have enough to allow the process to flow smoothly, even if you happen to retain a little. Keep in mind that you can also replace some of the water with tea, green tea, or other predominantly water based drink that are artificially sweetened. No sodas, of course, and only diets sodas are okay, but you should try to kick the habit of drinking soda too much anyway if you have that problem.

Exercising should always be considered when choosing to adopt an "eating style" that promotes fast healthy weight loss, as it can only assist everything else you are doing. Even if it is just walking. Also know that when you sweat, your body releases salt and water, and this burns calories in the process which is a double-whammy! You will be astonished when you put together enough of the right pieces that allow your natural fat burning furnace to take place within you and go into overdrive.

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