Monday, October 18, 2010

Weight Loss - 5 More Simple Steps To Stay Strong With Your Diet And Finally Get The Body You Desire

Do you find it hard to keep mental diet demons at bay?

Stay on track and achieve your weight loss goals with these easy everyday tips.

Make It Public.

Inform your friends and family about your fat reduction goals. Having other people know what you're trying to accomplish will help to keep you accountable. It will help you stick to your guns when the going gets tough. And the threat of people to answer to, should you fall off the wagon will increase your incentive to stay on track. No Excuses!?

Don't Skip Meals.

It's an oldie, but a goodie. Skipping meals will only slow down your metabolism and make weight loss much more difficult. It also means there is a very good chance that when you do start eating again, you are more likely to make wrong food decisions and put more weight back on. Give your body the regular fuel it needs throughout the day to keep energy levels high. Whether you prefer 3 main meals or 5 - 6 smaller meals, your body will let you know which is best.

Read The Label.

Make informed decisions about the food you buy. Nutrition labels are required in most western countries, so make the most of them and evaluate your items before you get to the checkout. Stick to the outer sections of the grocery store and fill your shopping cart with fresh meat, fruit and vegetables. Stay away from the inner aisles that stocks mostly high sugar, low nutrient, packaged and processed foods. If you're not sure, can you pronounce all the ingredients or do they have numbers instead - think twice if it's not natural food.?

Change Your Rewards System.

If the scales show you've reduce your weight by a few pounds/kilos, avoid the temptation to celebrate with a block of chocolate or a few wines. That's what got you into this shape in the first place. Treat yourself to a massage, read a good book or indulge in a Sunday morning sleep-in. Choose anything that makes you happy. Avoid using food as a reward.?

Reap The Rewards.

Once you've reached your goal weight, enjoy the new body that you have created. Dig into the depths of your closet and put on that pair of jeans you used to fit into 10 years ago. Or, what the hell, go and buy a new pair. Enjoy your new found energy and live life to the fullest.

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