Monday, October 18, 2010

Weight Loss Tips - 5 Super Simple Steps To Change Your Diet And Finally Get The Body You Desire

Do you find it hard to keep mental diet demons at bay?

Stay on track and achieve your weight loss goals with these easy everyday tips.

Change Your Eating Habits.

If you always eat two biscuits with your coffee, sway in some nuts or a piece of fruit. Eat fruit for dessert (without the ice cream) instead of sugary choices. An eating routine isn't a bad habit in it self, it's what you are eating that matters. Replace the bad with the good and you'll be well on the road to healthy eating in no time.

Combine Cardio and Weights.

For proven best results, combine weights, to help build lean muscle to boost your metabolism, with cardio exercises, which burn calories and improve heart and lung health. Doing so will allow you to maximise your fat burning efforts, particularly afterward when you are at rest. Strive for 3 - 4 hours of exercise per week.

Discover New Comfort Foods.

Next time you're feeling like you need a little pick-me-up, don't reach for chocolate, ice cream, sugary, high carbohydrate, anything deep fried, etc. Go for full flavoured, filling and nutritious alternatives. Soups, stews and vegetable rich foods are comforting, healthy and can be quick and easy if prepared in advance. Meals balanced with lean protein, quality fats and natural healthy carbs, is your best option.

Say No To Fad Diets.

Let's be realistic, eating cabbage soup for a week will not lead to effective, long-term weight loss. The smell will most likely last longer than your weight loss results. Similarly, fad diets consisting solely of juice, carrots, green tea or any other low fat, low sugar liquid vegetable diet may lead to short term success, but in the long term it will slow your metabolism, damage your kidneys and cause you to gain back all the weight and then some.

Schedule a Rest Day.

Even the most dedicated elite athletes take a break to give the body and mind an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. You are much more likely to achieve long term success if you take time out for yourself and work to a balanced exercise schedule. So take a day off and read a book, go to the movies hang out with friends. Make sure you let them know it's part of your fitness plan. Rest and relaxation will allow your body and mind to recover and prepare for next weeks exercise routine, allowing you to start fresh and stronger.

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