Monday, October 18, 2010

Stop Wasting Your Time On Useless Weight Loss Methods

It is hard to imagine why fad diets continue to spread themselves around the globe like a 'wild bush fire' when 95 percent of them fail. Searches on the internet show that a large portion of them are for diets and weight loss pills. A smaller portion of searches are for fitness and exercise and a very teeny-weeny group of people actually searched for a fat loss solution.

This is quite amazing that weight loss, diets and pills are three times more popular than exercise and healthy eating. It should be the other way around but it is not. The key to long term fat loss is to eat healthy and exercise but many people think they can somehow go down a shorter route and be successful at weight loss.

Well, listen up people no matter what short term solutions you choose you will still not win in the long term. There is no fast way to lose fat and that is the truth of the matter. Even if you see a drop on the bathroom scales from some harsh diet or toxic weight loss pills you still have to address the real problem sooner or later.

If you don't the weight will increase, the scales will keep going up and you will not be happy with the way you look and the person you become. And we have not even mentioned the health risks that go hand in hand with being overweight.

The things that most people resort to with diets and pills to try and lose weight fast are the exact opposite to what is a far more effective way. Those things reduce your food intake and fat loss is not about slashing calories. To really lose fat only a hundred or two calories should be reduced at any one time. This means you keep under your body's radar so it does not slow the metabolic rate and put the brakes on fat loss.

The other way is to move your muscles with proper strength training exercise. Not hours of low intensity long duration stuff. Forget the '20 minutes on the bike' and get going with some proper exercise that works your muscles through their ranges of movement under a load. Strength training exercise is the only way to increase your metabolism for long term fat loss and just 2-3 sessions each week are all that is needed if done correctly.

To be able to put some effort and energy into your exercise program you need to eat and eat properly. Healthy nourishing small meals need to be eaten each around 200-300 calories every 2-3 hours throughout the day each with a portion of protein if your goal is fat loss.

Yes, it does take some effort in the planning and preparation. But what is easier being overweight and not looking your best or putting a bit of time into your new part time job - getting yourself back into shape?

So, instead of reducing your food intake down to fit through the eye of a needle put some wood on that metabolic fire that is most likely smoldering at the moment. Quality unprocessed food and proper exercise means heat generation and that means fat loss.

So when you are done with useless diets and pills and any other ineffective weight loss strategies stop wasting your time and try something that really works and grab your slim trim body back.

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