Monday, October 18, 2010

Top 7 Foods That Burn Belly Fat Stably

Half of American are obese, a larger number have problems with belly fat. Obviously, stomach fat badly influences among the people on how they look, what they wear and how they feel. That is why people are hunting for expensive gadgets, magical pills, and complicated diets to shed some ugly tummy pounds. But do you know that magic is all around you! Believe? Here are top 10 foods that burn belly fat you should note!

1. Veggies

Veggies are all-star as they are loaded in fiber and few of calories. Increasing your veggies intake is ideal to maintain effective metabolism. Cauliflowers, cabbages, carrots, broccoli, radish, zucchini, leeks, lettuces are calorie burners to recommend. Of course, I am not going to suggest you to be a vegetarian. However, having 5 portions of veggies a day will definitely bring you to a quick and safe success.

2. Fruits

Like veggies, phytochemicals are found in almost fruits. Therefore, eating fruits in great number may get rid of cancer, heart attack and stroke. Back to belly fat burning issue, most fruits boost metabolism. Top fruits that burns belly fat are blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, watermelon, papaya, peach, apple, pineapple, lime, orange.

3. Green Tea

Originated in Asia, widely grown in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, green tea is proven to be a very efficient fat burner. Scientist has shown that if the average person were to drink five cups of green tea a day, they would burn an extra 70 to 80 extra calories. This amount would remarkably increase with the help of sound diets and exercises. Let's lose belly fat with tea

4. Extra virgin olive oil

Anyone who related to the term "overweight", "fat" or "obese" are scared of oil. However, oil is indispensable to maintain proper operations in the body. On fat burning purpose, extra virgin olive oil contains a high "good" fat content that helps you feel full for longer and enhances the body's breakdown of stored fat.

5. Brown rice

Brown rice is rich in fiber which takes up volume in your belly so you aren't hunger for food all the time. Add a bowl of rice to your diet then drink 1-2 large cup of water to achieve the best result!

6. Fat-free yoghurt

With no shadow of doubt, there exists a close link that connect yoghurt to fat loss. Research found that yoghurt eaters lost up to 80% more fat stored in their bellies than non-yoghurt eaters. Rich in calcium and amino acids, yoghurt reduces ability of creating fat layer in stomach area. Having 3 portions of yoghurt a day will help break down fat and may even prevent it from forming!

7. Nuts

Go nuts and you won't feel hungry all the time. Nuts bring you sensation of fullness therefore you reduce a remarkable food intake! Walnuts, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pine nuts are recommended.

Here I have listed top 7 foods that effectively and stably burn belly fat. There are more food, more recipes, more exercises and more tips for you when opting for burning belly fat. Just click Foods that burn belly fat and you are on the go to make a brand new YOU!

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