Monday, October 18, 2010

4 Tips to Knock Off Calories

There is a lot of research out that shows what cutting back on calories can do for you. On average, if you cut out about 100 calories a day, you can potentially lose about ten pounds a year. Not bad, if you ask me. I don't know too many people who wouldn't be happy with a loss of ten pounds at this same time next year. Couple that notion with a regular workout routine at that gym in Birmingham, that you're hitting and you have yourself a nice healthy weight loss program. What exactly is 100 calories a day, though? Is that a ton of food I'm leaving on the table, or is it something I can manage?

Tip #1) Go light on the coffee in the morning. Just got out of a work out at the gym in Birmingham and want a coffee? Instead of creamers, which can easily pile on the calories, use skim milk instead. Better yet, try knocking out the coffee all together, or at least knock out a few days per week and replace it with water. Another thought is to replace high fiber cereal for some of your other breakfast cereal. Fiber has been shown to help you take in less calories the rest of the day.

Tip #2 - At lunch time, look for small ways to cut out more calories. Grab a chicken sandwich rather than a burger, if you head through the drive through. In addition, knock out the mayo and the honey mustard. If you need some jazzing up, use barbecue sauce instead. Instead of a soda, throw in some water (sense a trend here with the water?). If you really want a soda, grab a kid size and not the 31 ounce. Another nice substitute for lunch is chili, except hold off on the crackers and cheese. When you're setting up your body for that workout later on at the gym in Birmingham, these small changes will help.

Tip #3 - You love pizza. You really want to have some. Ok, well, how about getting a thin crust rather than a thick crust or deep dish? Take a look at what you are eating, too. If you see what you are actually eating, that can actually help you eat less. Think about the meal and how much you are going to eat before diving in indiscriminately and eating half of a pizza.

Tip #4 - Ice cream is one of our favorite desserts. So, next time you're out for some, get the ice cream without the cone. Or, how about angel food cake for dessert rather than the silk pie? A slice of angel food cake drizzled with a little chocolate is actually less calories than three cookies.

The idea here is that slight adjustments regularly during the day can add up. You will be taking in less calories without the need to follow a particular diet program. By making some small changes in our daily routine, can add up to big calorie loss. Add a regular trip to the gym in Birmingham and you will find some great results.

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