Monday, October 18, 2010

Weight Loss Questions and Answers

Q: What can I eat that will increase my energy - it seems that I am TIRED everyday around 6:30 and feel like I could just go to bed and sleep for 12 hours! I don't go to bed, but because I am TOO TIRED I don't get any of the house chores or errands done that I need to do!! HELP.

A: More meals (small meals) spaced throughout the day is the key to having sustained energy from the time you wake up till the time you're ready for bed... your first meal increases your metabolism and your energy level - but that begins to diminish after 2-3 hours so you really need a series of healthy meals spaced throughout the day... healthy meals consist of loads of fresh raw vegetables and a lean source of protein like fish, chicken, turkey, egg whites, lean red meat, or even a protein shake if you're on the go.

Q: Aside from many small meals made up of low fat protein and vegetables, what other secrets can you tell us about dieting that can help us get results... today?

A: Cycle your calories!!! You can easily force your metabolism to burn a ton more calories if you do something called cycling your calories - which consists of consuming a certain amount of calories for 2 days in a row, then dropping the bottom out of your carbs for 2 days and then raising it back up - this style of dieting allows you to burn more calories even if you're still not quite eating healthy foods yet. Q: Why when I eat breakfast I become so hungry around 10 am - But if I skip breakfast I can go all the way to noon before I feel the need to eat.

A: That's because your metabolism is being raised by your first meal...If you skip your first meal then your metabolism never gets a chance to raise up (and burn body-fat) you get less hungry during the day, but you also burn far less fat, and have far less energy.

Q: How can I discipline myself to follow your regime (or any other for that matter)? The first two weeks are usually the most painful for me and true to my colors that's when I quit and any good efforts on my part go wasted. Any ideas?

A: Discipline comes from a variety of sources, but if you can develop something I call B.H.A.R. - which stands for Big Hairy Audacious Reasons then you can get and stay motivated for years and years. Examples of un-motivating reasons to lose weight: I just know I should; or To look better; or to feel better; or because my husband wants me to. Examples of powerful, motivating reasons are: So my spouse watches my behind as I walk away from the bed in the morning; or so I have the strength and energy to play with my children or grandchildren or great grandchildren; or maybe so I have all the energy I need to do whatever I like at any time I want to.

Q: If you could only follow 3 tips, and you absolutely had to lose weight and increase your energy level - what would those tips be?

A: Stop doing things that are killing your results and begin doing things that are going to help you live a stronger, healthier, leaner life in tighter, younger looking body... like:

1st...Alkalize your body
2nd...Drink more plain fresh distilled water
3rd...Avoid all candy, soft drinks, and fried foods

Q: What is the single most important step to profoundly improve your metabolism, your health, and your longevity.

A: Stay away from acid foods and begin eating foods that are high in live enzymes like vegetables (and if you cannot eat vegetables, then get yourself a good greens drink).

Q: As I get older- it seems to be tough to keep my activity level at the same point and I'm eating a lot less foods than just one year ago- I tend to need more sleep - Is this the aging process or a change in my lifestyle that I am experiencing?

A: No...this has nothing to do with the aging process, nor is it just a lifestyle change (although you do need to change your lifestyle a bit). It sounds like your not getting enough food - you need to start feeding your metabolism so it can begin to help you stay younger and energized.

Q: How to keep up with a diet if you eat out a lot?

A: Order healthier foods - there s no excise...You see them all the time - good looking, lean, healthy people eating in restaurants. So why do you have to be different? When healthy people go to a restaurant they order quality food (they normally start with a big healthy salad minus all the dressing, then they move on to a lean source of protein like a fish dish, or a chicken meal - one that's not heavily coated with sauces; they avoid the pasta dishes, the desserts, and the alcohol. And most importantly, they choose the right restaurants to eat at...if you don't see healthy, lean, in-shape people eating at the restaurants that you go to - maybe it's time to re-examine your choice of restaurants.

Q: Do anti oxidants reduce aging?

A: No...they reduce the "signs" of aging - but nothing reduces the aging process except

Q: Do those supplements that say that they can reduce fat specifically from around your stomach actually work?

A: Absolutely not - in fact the FTC has gone after the companies making those claims with a vengeance and you've seen all but 1 company stop making those claims - and that company is losing the battle as we speak - those claims are false.

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