Monday, October 18, 2010

Strip Out This Nutrient For Maximum Fat Loss

Are you constantly frustrated by all of those ads you see on television or on the internet promising fast weight loss by just taking this pill, working out 3 minutes a day, or those goofy ab machines on the infomercials late at night? Many of my clients have been right where you are, and its okay.

But I am going to tell you that you do need to put in effort to lose weight because it doesn't come that easy, especially with your diet. When it comes to diet, many people fall off the boat because they are confused about all the different types of diets out there. If you dissect them all, a lot of them have a lot in common.

The one thing I have found that works best for clients is to strip out carbohydrates from their diet and replace them with healthy fats, protein, and green vegetables. Reason being because when we take carbs out of the picture, the body is forced to rely on fat stores to fuel homeostasis. This is what we want to happen exactly. When we ingest carbs, that is what the body is going to use as fuel, especially if our calories are not low enough.

Also, if you have a high amount of body fat to lose, then that's all the more reason to drop the carbs. When you have a lot of body fat hanging off of you, you tend to be very insulin resistant. This is why people have diabetes because they are insulin resistant. It almost acts like a viscous circle.

So, in order to start really dropping the fat once and for all, you need to cut the carbs. If not, your only hurting yourself.

There are more little tricks like this that you can implement to speed up the fat burning process, but start with this one for now and see what happens.

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