Monday, October 18, 2010

You Will Need To Ditch Processed Foods For Weight Loss To Happen

It is hard to believe that each of us on average consumes several pounds of sugar each week. Way back at the start of this century we used to consume only 5 pounds of sugar each per year. Now that totals 135 pounds for each person in the US alone.

Much of this sugar is hidden in many different forms and is in processed food items such as breads and baked goods, breakfast cereals, microwave meals, items like mayonnaise, beer, ketchup, peanut butter and hundreds of other so called foods in pretty boxes and packets with zero nutrition.

Most of us never really give our blood glucose levels a second thought and we think that only diabetics have to worry about their blood sugar, but not so anymore. The combination of our sugar consumption and our sedentary modern lifestyles make us susceptible to becoming overweight as well as more likely to end up with the nasty chronic disease diabetes which is now reaching epidemic proportions around the world.
When we eat a highly processed or refined food laden with sugar it upsets the body's blood sugar balance.

This triggers the hormone insulin to be released, which is used by the body to maintain blood glucose at a consistent and safe level. When we eat too many sugary foods weight gain is promoted as insulin is also a fat storing hormone.

High levels of insulin also make you hungry. So, as your blood sugar spikes your body dumps in the insulin to clear it from your blood stream and your blood glucose levels drop down again and your energy levels drop along with it. And, as your body senses the low level of blood sugar it increases cravings for more sugar to normalize it again.

The merry-go-round continues when you eat more refined carbohydrates to meet the needed 'fix' and they do not fill you up as there is no fiber in them to tell your stomach to feel full. So, you keep eating... and eating.

The solution is to ditch as many processed, refined carbohydrates and sugary foods from your diet and your life as possible. Replace them with natural whole foods cooked from scratch that will not spike your blood sugar levels wildly and make and keep you fat.

A proper strength training program is the very best tool for soaking up excess sugar from your body. Muscle cells are where fuel is burnt for energy so by putting your muscles through their paces 2-3 times each week means excess blood glucose will be burnt up harmlessly instead of circulating around the body getting into mischief when it ends up in places in should not be.

Keeping your blood sugars levels balanced is at the top of the list when it comes to protecting your health. Yes, it does take some effort with both your eating and your exercise but it is worth every moment spent as you will not only grab yourself some more years those years will be of a higher quality as your body will be healthier.

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