Monday, October 18, 2010

Working Out: How To Stay On Track

1. Having A Real And Working Plan

For the most part, this is where people start to feel the magic happen. It is at this point where individuals get excited about becoming healthy and going to "workout". They even get gym memberships and do random exercises. This will usually continue for about a couple of weeks maybe even months before the decide to quit at working out.

Regardless of how hard you are working out, when you are vague about what success means as far as your goals go bad feelings will start creeping in. This is the reason why you must specifically define what you want to accomplish instead of just saying "I'm going to start to work out".

You want to have goals that you can actually measure. You will also want a plan that goes into detail about what you will be doing exactly to reach those goals you set for working out. You must also figure out whether your workout sessions will be 45 minutes long and how many days a week you will be exercising. The best way to achieve lasting results is to have a definite plan to stick to.

If you choose to work out three days a week and stick to this routine, you have made an accomplishment already! There is a lot that can be done in this amount of time as long as you didn't get any advice from some guy wearing a "trainer" t shirt. You should be proud when you succeed in sticking to your plan on when u work out. However, if you have a very definite plan of doing x,y,z, for 45 minutes to an hour it would be wise to schedule this in advance. In addition if you happen to be vague about when you are working out and say things like "I should probably workout today or sometime this week" you will accomplish nothing. That is why it is always good to have a professional make a schedule and workout plan for you to stick to.

2. Getting The Right Amount Of Sleep

If you wish to give your self discipline a super boost then you will need to get 8-9 hours of sleep each night. When your body is fatigued it will drain any will power, motivation, and self discipline, that you have. By sleeping less you actually give yourself less time during the day. For instance, if you generally get six hours of sleep per night you may think you will have a few extra hours in your day. However, the truth of this is your body will only operate about 50%-60% of what it can. Moreover, you will get less done even if you have more time cause you will be drained of energy.

3. You Must Be Realistic

Anytime you are trying to achieve something you will surely encounter failure along the way. Do not pay attention to what they taught you in school about failure. You are only a human so you can count on making mistakes when working out as well. However, if you do not achieve the desired result the first time you must keep trying until you do. There are only so many ways to screw things up so you are bound to get it right eventually. This is of course if you do not keep repeating the same mistake over and over again.

It might not seem this way at first, but you will soon realize that this is all very simple. If you want a great body and you want to be in the best health of your life, then you are going to have to work at it. There is no time for excuses - only exercises. Stop telling yourself stories and get to the gym!

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