Monday, October 18, 2010

Women - Stop Blaming Your Slow Metabolism And Start Changing Your Body

Most women do not need a scientist to tell them their metabolism (the body's engine) slows down as they get older. But the scientists are studying it anyway and continue to come up with exciting new research to help us put the brakes on a slowing metabolism.

The average women gains around 1? pounds of excess body fat a year during her adult life. This does not sound like much but it is enough to pack on 30-40 pounds by the time she gets to mid-life. That is if she does nothing to combat the muscle loss that slows her 'metabolic fitness' - her fat burning engine.

Much of the fat increase is hidden as the muscle loss hides the true extent on the bathroom scales as it sneaks into the spaces left by the shrinking muscle tissue and also goes deeper inside the body in the abdomen crowding organs and hindering their function. This deep fat is very dangerous as it is spewing out chemicals that damage organs and tissues and lead to nasty diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Many women when they know they are gaining weight they will instinctively reduce food intake to try and lose weight. But this may slow the metabolic rate even further, increasing the body fat percentage and making losing fat more difficult. If the body cannot get enough energy from the food it takes in, it will hold on to stored fat very protectively and begins to burn muscle tissue. This lowers the metabolism even further.

Eating just one or two meals each day will not speed up metabolism, nor will lots of low intensity repetitive endurance type activity. These things will not help the core problem that has caused a slowing of the rate your body burns fuel - allowing muscle tissue to weaken and become un-toned.

It is the muscle tissue loss that is the real problem and to get your metabolism burning fuel at a faster rate the first thing you need to do is get started on a proper strength training program to recover lost muscle tissue. This tissue is what drives the metabolism and as we get older we lose it - not because we get older but because we stop using our muscles as they were designed to be used.

Just 2-3 sessions each week is all that is needed if done at the correct level of intensity (degree of difficulty). If you are new to proper exercise you may need a few sessions with a fitness professional to show you the ropes.

To support your exercise program and be able to do it justice you need to upgrade your nutrition so your body has high levels of energy. Your healthy eating plan firstly ditches the processed stuff that we somehow have mistakenly come to think of as food.

Anything that comes in a pretty packet, box, tin or microwave container is not real food. It is highly processed with harmful chemicals and additives that do nothing to improve our health and lead to weight gain as our bodies cannot process this junk.

Do these two things and kick that slow metabolism into gear and get to work burning off that excess body fat. Do not allow your excess weight to hold you back one more day. So, stop blaming your poor old metabolism and start changing your body.

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