Monday, October 18, 2010

Weight Loss - Understand What Makes You Fat

The reasons we get fat.

The reason we put on weight and get fat in the first place is very easy to explain. The amount of energy going in to the body is bigger than what is burned. That is the cold hard facts about gaining weight in most cases. That makes the key to losing weight very simple, eat less and exercise.

Why are the population all over the globe getting bigger and bigger? If we look back a couple of decades we can see that the people was not as heavy as they are now. The number one reason for this is that almost everything are more automated now than it was then. They had to move their bodies to get anything done, both at work and in their private life.

Everything in the society is now within reach almost without burning any calories at all, and the jobs are a lot less physical than they used to be a few years back. Nobody had to worry about weight loss then, but we really need to keep the eyes open now.

Genetics are also an important factor why we gain weight. We are all a little different built, and the different bodies respond in different ways to the food we put in our mouth. This is not a reason to become a fatty, cause nobody gains 20 pounds over night, and there would be time to adjust diet and exercise before it gets too far.

Some people have diseases that slows down their metabolism, but they should get their bodies checked by a doctor. In most cases there are ways to treat it with help from doctors and medications.

Our genetics are extremely old. We have to remember that the ones who can store carbs very easy are the people that survived during the ages with extreme lack of food. What we see as the natural skinny ones, who can eat whatever they want without adding weight, would probably not survive back then. The huge problem is that our genetics need hundreds of years to adapt to a new lifestyle.

As we all know, everything have become automated during a very short period of time now, and the lack of physical work combined with all the new automation makes people gain weight very easy. This is the main reason why the global population are getting heavier, and we have to deal with the huge problem of all the diseases that comes as a result of overweight.

The simple technique to adjust your bodyweight is as follows. To lose weight you have to increase the amount of exercise and reduce the amount of food. To gain weight you have to eat more. That was just the very easy words on how to gain or lose weight, but there are more articles to come.

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