Monday, October 18, 2010

How To Reduce Belly Fat In 5 Simple Steps

Flattening some inches in stomach area is something that is difficult, or even impossible amongst many people. However, today I am going to negate that opinion. Here is how to reduce belly fat in just simple steps!

Step 1: Set Timetable

When it comes to reducing belly fat, set yourself a timetable then strictly follow. A sound schedule consists an early get-up with a large cup of water and a breakfast with cereal or oatmeal. Have 5-6 mini-meals in a day with space of 3 hours. Set the time for exercising, bathing and relaxing. Never go to bed later than 11.

Step 2: Change Your Diet

It is the right time for you to change your diet! Break your 3 large meals into 5-6 mini ones (remain or lower calorie intake). Add more vegetable and fruits into every meal. Say NO to fast food and say YES to all the breakfasts. Try to replace ingredients with high fat into low or free fat as much as you can.

Step 3: Take Up Exercise

Invest time in some websites such as Quick exercise to reduce belly fat

to choose the best exercise for you. Actually, exercise is the most crucial to reduce belly fat. Only when you do exercise that you produce energy to burn fat, strengthen muscles and of course shed some annoying belly pounds.

Step 4: Make Some Changes

Do you know that changes make you cheerier and merrier? Follow me! First, stick a picture of a model or actress with slim body and flat belly into the fridge door. It reminds you lessen your food intake every time you come close to the fridge! Second, place water bottles, fruits or vegetable bowls everywhere in your house (be sure that it is easy-to-see, easy-to-reach and hygienic). This is one of good ways how to reduce belly fat.

Step 5: Enjoy yourself

Keep in mind that you are the one, the unique in this universe. No one can replace you, so love Yourself. Instead of sitting for hours in front of the mirror to sigh, take a walk to the park and forget all your worry. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and enjoy the fresh breeze! It is extremely useful to let stress out and have ideas for the coming days. Enjoy yourself because you live just one life!

Here are 5 easy steps to reduce belly fat. As reducing belly fat is not something can be done within hours and days, but for weeks and even months and years. To have a scientific and efficient schedule to achieve the goal, visit 5 Steps to reduce belly fat and start experiencing a slim sexy belly!

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