Monday, October 18, 2010

3 Best Diets to Lose Weight

3 Diets to Lose Weight

Numerous diet solutions teach that the best diets to lose weight fast are the ones that emphasize a timely weight loss plan because they believe that when this is done weight will stay off better But when someone make a decision to lose weight you will want to get rid of that weight as soon as possible. Below are three of the best diets to lose weight. It is always a good to get as much information as you can when choosing the best diets to lose weight.


Making an oatmeal diet is very easy - all is needed are 3 cups of oatmeal on a daily basis, along with clear fluids or regular water, this diet system is based on the principles of (GI) which means glycemic index I am sure during your childhood you can recall a moment in your life when you were told by your mom that eating oatmeal will stick on your ribs the fact is, this is true in many ways Steel cut and other natural oatmeal are known to be the best glycemic index foods Let me put this in simpler terms for you GI glycemic index foods on take a very long time to be broken down and metabolize by the stomach, which takes you feel full for longer periods of time, this is why you are going to be able to lose 20 pounds in only two weeks or less because the bowl of oatmeal will have you feeling full for the most part of your day. After you have lost the required amount of weight, simply incorporate additional healthy foods to the meal for breakfast or lunch, dinner even.


This diet is a simple one - all is required on your part is to consume this for a week. The main reason for this diet is that cabbage has a lot of fire and low amounts of calories. The soup is able to rid your body of toxins and at the same time it will allow the fluid in your body to stay up If you stick with this between one - two weeks not only will you be cleansed but you will realize that you are not only slimmer but also trimmer.

After reaching your required weight goal, all is required now is to consume this diet a few times for the week so you can continue to reap the benefits, this is just another one of the best diets to lose weight that is included in the guide you can read at the end of this article it contains many recipes for weight loss. One thing to note is that the cabbage diet will have you passing gas a lot.


This is one of the best diets to lose weight, it is not as strict as the other two diets - all is required of you is to abstain from meat. In order for this diet to be effective you must consume less starchy foods such as potatoes, you must also avoid foods that have been cooked or fried in fat or oil. Vegetarians are said to consume an higher amount of fiber than other people, also they are able to get much more vitamins because they get to eat a diet that is properly balanced. If you are in need to proteins in this diet all you need to do is incorporate beans and nuts to name a few. Once you are enjoying this type of diet you will be able to stay on it as long as you want which is the best part.

I have just provide you with three of the best diets to lose weight fast these are included in the special guide that you can use to get started on your weight loss campaign, image in only two weeks or less you will be seeing results up to 20 pounds lost be sure to click below to start now so stop starving and start eating while losing weight.

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