Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why Crash Diets Will Keep You From Finding Consistent Results

Crash and yo-yo dieting is very popular and lets people lose weight quickly and easily, without too much pain - but there is a problem with this way of shedding pounds. It is only temporary. Soon enough, you will begin to feel the weight start to come back on and you will be forced to crash diet again, only to repeat this process over and over again.

Crash dieting does work and can help you lose weight, but the loss is not permanent and eventually, your body will put weight back on. This is because when you start with one of these diets, your body will be getting less calories, less intake and therefore your weight will go down. The problem with this process is that the body also begins to store more fats. It thinks that it is not going to get any more food and starts to stow it away, just in case it needs it for later.

The end result of this is that once you have finished your diet plan, and you think you have lost weight, once you start eating normally again, the fat is still there and you might end up weighing more rather than less. Your body will try to return to it's own "even keel" and once that has been established again, any additional fat you have gained will add to your overall weight.

The only way to achieve consistent results from dieting is to change the way you eat. This does not mean that you are just going to eat salads for the rest of your days, but it will mean a change in your lifestyle and eating habits - for good. No more of these 2 week diets - they just don't work! Eat a balanced meal, take regular exercise and you will soon start to look and feel better.

Remaining consistent is key to this approach. Your body will soon become used to eating lower calorie foods, less carbohydrates and more healthy options. After you have introduced this way of eating and started it as a habit, you will find that your body's own level will adjust and you will be able to eat less fatty foods and feel full and well, all the time.

This way of eating, coupled with regular exercise to reduce the fat you currently have, is one of the only ways to really get results. Cutting down on your food intake is fine, but if you only do it for several weeks at a time, you will never see permanent results.

One way to keep results consistent is to use a fat burning soup diet as part of your new healthy eating plan. The process is simple and can lead you to losing several pounds, if you just follow simple advice on how much to eat, when to eat and what foods you are allowed in combination with the soup.

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