Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why Botanical Skincare Can Protect Your Skin, Your Health And Make All The Difference

I have just been surfing on the Internet because I wanted to find the latest on botanical skincare before I wrote this article. This is what I found. One site claims to produce the finest organic and botanical products anywhere. It then lists all the ingredients it uses and the botanical ones are all there. We have aloe vera, avocado oil, bearberry extract, detangler apple extract, allantoin and almond oil extract.

So far, so good, I thought, But then my eye picked out some ingredients which should not have been there at all and I soon realized that I could never buy a product from this particular company. What alarmed me?
Well, on the list, I found the butylene glycol ingredient which is a preservative that can give a lovely smooth whipped consistency to a face cream and creates more volume too. The good news ends there!

You see the FDA have placed restrictions on this little nasty customer so the amounts that can be used are strictly limited. The reason is that it has been linked to depression, drowsiness, vomiting, respiratory failure and even coma. There was also the benzophenone ingredient for the sunscreen element in these products. That one is considered as a moderate hazard by the Environmental Working Group. So, here we have at least two ingredients which should have no place at all in what could be considered real botanical skincare.

So what ingredients are really safe in genuine botanical skincare? The answer is that there will be no synthetics like the ones I have mentioned at all. If they are there, they have been passed by the EWG or the CIR groups.
Organic skincare uses a functional keratin which can boost our own collagen production. It does not use collagen which has been sourced from animals, such as cowhide. Similarly, serious companies would never include sulphates, parabens, or fragrances, formaldehyde forming agents and so on. The reason is that they are all on the black list. There is no way that these can protect your skin or your health.

Finally, if you really want to know about what must be the best botanical skincare in the world and which can really make a difference, why not click through to my website where I have explained it all in great detail.
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