Thursday, October 21, 2010

When Is the Use of Glycolic Acid Lotion Safe?

When talking about contra-aging products, Glycolic acid lotion is probably on top of the list. The reason is its formulations as skin softeners, moisturizers and exfoliates. The good thing about this lotion is its component to include everything you need during exfoliation. Some skin care products are confined only to exfoliation; others only to skin softening. This lotion will give you all the practical benefits of youthful glow.

Glycolic acid is a natural organic acid which is extracted from fruits and vegetables. Particularly drew out from sugar cane, glycolic acid is the smallest alpha-hydroxy (AHA) and is highly soluble in water. Since it is extracted from natural fruit, its application on the skin to exfoliate dead cells is safer than other peeling chemicals. Note however that there are debates as to its safety when use in higher concentration.?

Glycolic acid is capable of penetrating deep within the skin. This means that while the upper layer of the skin is removed, the inner layer gets firmer making the skin strong and smooth. The application of the acid lotion as an exfoliant is easy and may be self-administered especially when this natural chemical is formulated in a lotion. Lotions with glycolic acid usually have lower concentration enabling ordinary individuals to exfoliate at the comfort of their home without the assistance of their doctor.?

The acid lotion with higher concentration ranging from 20 to 70% is not safe for everyone. Its use is regulated by requiring only accredited dermatologist to do the application. Self administration can burn your skin because of its stronger acidity content. In fact, the higher strength acid lotions are commercially used as a rust remover.

If you wanted to have beautiful skin but don't have time to visit your dermatologist then you can try the acid lotion with concentration between 5 to 10%. But before applying on the entire body, you should try the solution first on small portion of your skin. Observe whether there will be changes on its appearance or none. Should there be notable change, your skin may not be compatible with the product. Try different brand or you can opt for a lesser concentration.

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