Thursday, October 21, 2010

Will the Vegetable Soup Diet Give Me Enough Energy?

The vegetable soup diet is known for its ability to help the dieter lose several pounds whilst also letting them eat a good, balanced diet. Many people believe that you only eat soup for a whole week, which helps you shed the pounds and leave you tired and lacking in energy - but this is far from true.

A vegetable soup diet normally consists of you either buying or making your own soup that you can use as a food supplement when you feel the need to snack, or as a replacement for one of your main meals each day. The high water content of soup means that most of it will pass through your system, leaving behind the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Also, soup is easy to make, quick to heat up and can be frozen so that it lasts longer.

To make the soup, you choose your favorite vegetables and then boil them in water on a low heat for several hours. Once they are soft, you can either mash (to get chunky soup) or blend it to mix it all together. It is also fine to add salt or pepper to the mixture or add other herbs and spices that will make the soup taste nicer. You will need to get the right amount of water in your recipe so that the soup does not turn out too thin. Many people use cabbages, onions, carrots, tomatoes and potatoes in their soups, although, the exact ingredients you eat is up to you.

The diet will help you lose fat because you will be replacing one of your main meals with the soup. It may be best to have the soup for lunch and then have a smaller meal in the evening. The soup can also be quickly heated in the microwave or on the hob if you feel the need to snack. The high liquid content will fill you up and stop the craving for food. You will get energy from the soup and the other meals you eat. If you think that you will just be eating soup from now on - think again. This diet plan is just replacing a meal, not a whole eating regime.

Try to avoid having bread with the soup. Although having a nice wholemeal roll or chunk of bread is the perfect accompaniment to your vegetable soup, the bread will not help you lose weight. Just stick to the soup and once you find your perfect recipe, you will find that you really like eating it.

As with any diet, the vegetable soup plan will require dedication and commitment. It is hard to lose weight and some crash dieting plans just result in your weight swinging up and down as you fall on and off the wagon. By just replacing one of your meals with your own homemade soup, you will be cutting calories, getting more good foodstuffs inside you and benefiting your whole body.

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