Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why You Get Bags Under Your Eyes and What You Must Know About Baggy Eyes

In most cases bags under eyes are not serious, even though they have a negative effect on your appearance. But if the swelling is around the entire eye (referred to as periorbital puffiness) and is not due to an injury, it could be a symptom of an underlying illness or medical condition.

This article will help you identify what may be causing your baggy eyes. Then I'll show you how you can alleviate bags under your eyes, if not completely get rid of them.

Let's first find your cause of your eye bagginess and then find an effective solution. The goal is to have a healthy, smooth skin appearance on the face and the body.

**Mononucleosis Cause

In mononucleosis, the eye orbits become puffy and swollen. Usually, this occurs in the early stages of the infection. Other symptoms of mononucleosis include fever, weight loss due to loss of appetite and swollen lymph nodes.

**Hypothyroidism Cause

In hypothyroidism, the face becomes puffy and the orbits swell due to increased levels of hyaluronic acid. Low levels of hyaluronic acid typically accompany aging and have the opposite effect. Instead of being filled with fluid, the cells lose their moisture. The skin's layers start to sag as a result. Other symptoms of hypothyroidism include fatigue, intolerance to cold, depression, joint pain and dry, itchy skin.

**Trichinosis Cause

Trichinosis is an illness caused by eating raw, infected pork. You would likely notice the fever and muscle pain, before you started worrying about periorbital puffiness.

If you have any of the other symptoms of the conditions mentioned above, see your doctor. If not, the cause of your baggy eyes could be any of the following:
? Allergies
? Excessive salt in the diet
? Alcohol consumption
? Cigarette smoking
? Fluid retention due to hormonal changes
? Sleeping too much
? Not sleeping enough
? Aging

Not sleeping enough is one of the most common causes, especially today. Fatigue and stress are common complaints. The whole thing can become a vicious cycle with stress making it difficult to sleep and fatigue causing even more stress.

Although everyone ages, bags under eyes are not symptoms that everyone experiences. Due to loss of hyaluronic acid, decreased collagen production, a general thinning of the skin's layers and gravity, the inferior (lower) orbital area can become very loose.

The skin in the periorbital area is thinner than on any other part of the body. The aging process can make it even thinner.

The loose skin in the inferior orbital area may feel with fluids. The fluids mostly leak from the fatty tissue layer through osmosis. If the area looks dark, the tiny blood vessels beneath the orbital skin may be leaking hemoglobin and waste products.

**Dark Circles

When baggy eyes are accompanied by dark circles, leaky blood vessels are the likely cause. Because the skin is very thin, the blood vessels are sometimes very noticeable. In most cases, the vessels are not visible. You can only see the fluids that leak from them.
Many people simply do not get enough nutrients in their diet. Stress and lack of sleep increase their need for nutrients, but they often eat the wrong foods, because they are tired and frustrated. It's another vicious circle.

Since there are so many causes, there is no short answer to how to get rid of bags under eyes. Another article is required to cover the subject completely. My next article will be devoted to the subject - How to Get Rid of Baggy Eyes. Please click the link in the resource box below for more information on How to Get Rid of Baggy Eyes.

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