Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why Thermogenic Diet Programs Work

Thermogenics is the body's ability to generate heat from fat without muscular activity. The rate at which your body does this depends on your metabolism. So thermogenic diet programs normally in the form of a supplement are designed to increase you metabolism and therefore burn fat.

Most conventional diets are too restrictive and as a result actually slow down the body's metabolism. This produces a couple of side effects, firstly you have low energy levels and you will feel lethargic, secondly your body will go into starvation mode and actually store fat making you heavier than ever.

The best way to use thermogenics to loose weight is to take them at the right time of day in conjunction with a balanced diet. You must eat normally or they will not work, this is the main reason why thermogenic diet programs are so popular. They will work best if you take them in the early part of the day and unless you want to be awake all night don't take any in the latter part of the day.

More positive effects of thermogenic products are they will boost your energy levels, normalize your appetite, reduce sugar cravings and also help you convert more of the food you eat directly into heat, burning more fat.

Thermogenic diet programs are simple to follow and combined with exercise people have reported some exceptional results. They are widely available but like any supplement make sure you know what you are buying, a reputable company should supply a list of active ingredients and tell you up front of any known side effects.

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