Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat - The Easiest, Quickest Yet Most Effective Way

Need no supplements, need no expensive exercise machines, All you need are just sporting clothes, supportive shoes, and... What else? Just keep reading. I am sure these are the best exercises to lose your hated belly fat! What is more, if you keep training frequently at high intensity, you are going to own a perfect tummy just in 6 to 8 weeks. Incredible, right?

To begin with, it is a must to understand that the aim of the exercises is to flatten a layer of fat covering your stomach muscles. To do this, you have burnt a large amounts of calorie so that calorie intake is by far more than consuming one. For the best result, you need to involve as many part of the body as possible. The combination of cardio exercise and weight lifting simultaneously can solve the problem.

As mentioned above, you need a suitable clothes and shoes. In addition, choose a dumbbell whose weights offer enough challenge for you, I mean not too heavy and of course not to light. Here a dumbbell with adjustable weights are recommended. At first, you choose a lift-able weight pair. Then you increase the weights gradually. Hence, your progression is visible. Right? One more tip to choose a dumbbell: Purchase a hexagonal-shaped one so that it doesn't roll around on the floor. Now let's go!

You start with a light cardio exercise for about 5 minutes to warm up your body. Squat, push-up, leg extensions, windmills - stand up, etc. cardio exercises for sexy belly are recommended. Then start with a light weight. Gradually increase the weight until challenging enough. Do 3-4 sets a day, have 2 minutes break between each set. Depending on how fast would you wish to lose belly fat, do 10-15 lifts each set.

Here is the best way to get fastest ideal tummy. Like any exercise, it is unavoidable to get pain at first. But don't give up! Keep going ahead. Your friends are going to be jealousy of your sexy belly! For more very effective ways to possess a perfect stomach such as hula hoop, aerobics, and so on, visit best ways to lose belly fat!

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