Monday, October 18, 2010

Ab Exercises For Men - Ways To Have Irresistible Muscles And Burn Stomach Fat

As you are a man, you have right to be proud of yourself. However, just a fat tummy makes you down. Being jealousy of a colleague, remembering of a used to be well-built time is not highly appreciated! Now it is the right time to get out the sofa and start some ab exercises for men. Come on! You are going to get back your image!

Ab exercises refer to the way to strengthen abdominal muscles and flatten belly fat. There are countless ab exercises. However, following are the most common, inexpensive yet efficient! Before we start, be sure to take suitable clothes and sport trainers with you. Now let's go!

1. Tuck Jump

It cost you nothing to do this exercise. First, Set you stand with feet apart at shoulder-width. Bend the knees and start to jump. Do 20 repetitions once, then have a 1-2-minute break. Do 4-5 sets a day.

2. Rope Jump

It cost you nearly nothing but a rope! Purchase a good one because you are going to use it very often. If you have never jumped rope before, it could be challenging for the very first time. First, hold both 2 rope handles in one hand. Start to swing rope and jump. Keep jumping, jumping and jumping. Then gradually pass one handle to another hand. Don't stop jumping whilst try to avoid stamping on the rope. Once you master it, it would be fun and especially, if you work out in high intensity, you could burn up to 100 calories in just 5 minutes. Worth trying, right?

3. Weight Lifting

It costs you a dumbbell or a barbell, or even both if prefer. Let's start with 2 tips before purchasing. 1st, you'd better choose an adjustable one. I mean the one that you can change its weights. At first, when you are a green thumb in the exercise, you should do a light one. Gradually, you can adjust to a heavier for suitable training. Hence, invest more money in an adjustable one! 2nd, choose a dumbbell/barbell in hexagonal-shape as the round one tend to roll all over the floor. This is very good ab exercises for men.

For starter, try to lift the light one, then gradually increase until challenging enough. Do it for 30-45 minutes a day. This exercise strengthens your muscles, burns a huge amount of calorie thus shed unwanted pounds.

Before you start, there one very important thing to remember is WARM-UP. It is a must to spend 5-10 minute warm up first and you will achieve the ultimate result!

Here are 3 very effective exercises. For vast of ab exercises, tips, tricks and experiences from top experts, click below link to get it!

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